The Player

Play as Paul Riggs, a former corrupt cop from Detroit seeking revenge throughout five different levels carefuly handcrafted to deliver a fun experience to every player. His goal is to get rid of the mafia’s boss that once made him do terrible things for money.

The Weapons

Find a variety of weapons placed in cases all around the map to destroy everyone that gets in your way. From shotguns to miniguns, Paul Riggs knows how to handle every weapon he encounters and how to be the perfect killer with each one.

The World

Enjoy a living environment and interact with it in various ways. Destroy obstacles or use them in your favor to achieve your goal as fast as possible, getting to the end of the level and one step closer to the mafia’s boss.

The Enemies

You’ll encounter┬ámultiple types of enemies that you can fight along your way through each level. But be careful, they are tough guys and will do anything to stop you. Enjoy the various ways to kill them with all your weapons.


Featuring music by:

The team:


Game Designer & Programmer


Lead Artist



Juan Jesus


Available This Fall